The Marilyn Maxwell
Latch Academic Support Program*

( * Brockton Campus only)

Office Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Office Location: Technologies Building ~ T-330
508.588.9100 ext. 1070


The Latch Academic Support Program is a one- to two-semester support and learning community that serves a diverse population of 150 students who are looking for help transitioning into college generally and developing their reading, writing, or mathematics skills specifically. For 40 years, Latch's community approach to education has helped students establish successful independent learning strategies and set realistic academic and career goals.

The Latch program offers a mix of tutoring, academic counseling, workshops, and courses that together create a tight-knit learning community in which students learn together and from one another. Moreover, professors of Latch courses maintain regular contact with our academic counselors on students’ progress, providing a way for our support team to address academic issues as they arise. Since student engagement and participation are keys to successfully transitioning into college, students agree prior to acceptance in the program to participate in all of its aspects.

The Latch program enrolls a remarkable variety of students, including, but not exclusively:

  • Students who have placed into two or more developmental courses
  • Students with academic potential who need added support transitioning into college*
  • Students who have not maintained good academic standing and wish to develop their academic skills
  • Students who are returning to school after a long absence

    To learn more about the Latch program or to apply for enrollment, please contact the program’s coordinator, Joe Harris, by email at, by phone at 508-588-9100 ext. 1070, or by stopping by office T-330 in the Technology Building.**

    * Please note that, for students with disabilities, testing and other accommodations are arranged through Massasoit’s Disabilities Services. Students seeking information or assistance relevant to disabilities and services may contact Andrea Henry (508-588-9100 ext. 1805) or Mary Berg (508-588-9100 ext. 1425).
    **To participate in the Latch program, individuals must be matriculated Massasoit students enrolled in a daytime degree or certificate program. Matriculated students who have been removed from a degree or certificate program due to academic probation are eligible for enrollment in the Latch Academic Support Program.